Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Butterfly in the Benthos : Hairpin Lace

Finished a macaron pouch I've been interested in.

The base is made with a kit of "Macaron Strap", and I used a scrap of cloth in my stash and a 3D butterfly motif.

* Butterfly in the Benthos *
Macaron Strap (Lady Boutique Series no. 3366)
Braids and Motifs of Hairpin Lace
DMC Spécial Dentelles #80
scrap of cloth、tekno rote (plastic wire), fastner, etc.

Coins inside.
The butterfly motif is from "Braids and Motifs of Hairpin Lace" (arranged).
It's so little for usual hairpin lace with #80 thread that I used mock hairpin lace technique (pearl tatting + crochet).
And tekno rote was used in the center to raise wings.


  1. Beautiful. I like both, but the butterfly looks so unusual and pretty!

  2. StringyDogs,

    Thank you!
    This butterfly was the reason I bought the hairpin lace book.
    I feel hairpin lace's airy lightness fits butterfly designs.

  3. Wow, that butterfly is beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen such delicate hairpin lace before -,that book looks great too.

  4. occasionalcrafter.com,

    Thank you!
    Hairpin lace patterns that I knew before were almost symmetrical round motifs or edgings etc., so this pattern surprised me :)