Thursday, August 28, 2014

3D Flower : Needle Lace

Finally I have finished a 3D Flower that I was into these days.

* 3D Flower Kanzashi *
Coron lace thread #120
Lizbeth #80
Artistic Wire #30
Tekno-rote, beads, metal parts
3D Flower by Catherine Barley (Intermediate Instruction Booklet)
Leaves : on my own (tatting lace)

I don't have Brok or Egyptian Cotton No.100/3 that are used on the text, so I learned here and chose Coron lace thread #120.
I guessed maybe #160 was better because of the length and the weight, but now I think #120 is nice for this as seeing its Single Corded Brussels stitches and Four Diamond Holes.

And this time I tried thin Artistic Wire for beading instead of artificial flower wire.
It is delicate and seems good too.

I felt in love with this flower at first sight at Catherine's website, and now I am very happy to reach to the finish line.
It's time to have a tea break and I'm thinking about the next project with joy.

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