Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Empire Bee : Dentelle d'Alençon

Alençon Lace (Dentelle d'Alençon) stitches are fluffy, airy and looks cool.
So this summer I made a bee motif which I had found on Piecework before.

* Empire Bee *
DMC Cordonnet Special #80
Egyptian Cotton #100/3
Plastic wire 0.4mm
'An Empire Bee in Alençon-Style Lace to Stitch' from Piecework 2011 May/June

I heard that this design is inspired by a bed set commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte for Empress Josephine.
These elaborate techniques show their prosperity at that time.

All filling stitches including the tulle part are variations of Twisted Buttonhole Stitch, and they became a good practice because I only had experienced them a few times so far :)

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