Sunday, November 15, 2015

Small Square : Puncetto and Sfilato Siciliano

Finished a needle lace Puncetto Valsesiano mini motif with linen thread.

The thread is twisted more loosely than the cotton crochet thread I used before and stitches also become puffy :)
I heard that this geometric 'ragno' motif ('spider' in English. This small one is called 'il ragno piccolo = a small spider') is one of the Puncetto basic patterns.
In many works I often see them.


This is a mini flower motif made with the technique of 'Sfilato Siciliano (Sicilian Drawn Thread Work)'.
To make them, I made nets like Filet Lace by drawing threads and embroidered flowers there.


* Motifs *
Bocken linen #50/3
Anchor Mercer Crochet #100
DMC Cordonnet Special #60
Zweigart Edinburgh 36ct
Il ragno piccolo / 'A Scuola di Puncetto Valsesiano'
Tutorial: Punto Chiaromonte / 'Ricamo, embroidery, broderie, bordado,.....'

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