Sunday, March 5, 2017

Twin Birds Doily - Punto Assisi

I embroidered a Punto Assisi birds doily.

Punto Assisi Twin Birds Doily

# Twin Birds Doily
## Materials
- Zweigart Cashel 28ct
- DMC Coton à broder n.16
## Size
- 190mm square (without tassels)
## Pattern
- Punto Assisi - Tavole Edite ed inedite di un Ricamo Antico / Raffaella Bartolucci Cesaretti
- ACCADEMIA PUNTO ASSISI: il ricamo l’arte dell’infinito DVD

Punto Assisi Twin Birds Doily

The back side. There were more small detached lands than expected, and it was a little hard to fasten thread tails.

Punto Assisi Twin Birds Doily

Hem stitches and traditional tassels.

Punto Assisi Twin Birds Doily


  1. Replies
    1. Margaret,

      Thank you!
      This was my first Punto Assisi :D

  2. Lovely piece! Those tassels are really cute!

    1. JudyC,

      Thank you!
      I love these tassels, which method is simple and impeccable :)